Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take from the time I place my order?  Custom orders usually take 1-2 days to process.  Orders for in-stock placards will ship the same or following business day.


How do I install the breaker panel overlay?   To install, Remove the plastic molding, use a small Allen wrench for the Heat/Def.  Remove all the nuts that hold in the breakers.  They should stay in place without the nuts.   There are 4 Phillips screws that hold the panel in place, two top, two bottom - remove them  Place the overlay, center first then work out to the edges.  Push slightly on the panel to fit in the edges.  Put the 4 screws back in, all the nuts and the molding and heat/def (handles) and you are done!


How do I install the throttle quadrant? The overlay for the throttle quadrant goes on simple.  Just peel and stick.  When I did mine, I removed the old broken aluminum one and then sanded smooth the aluminum plate beneath, removing the old adhesive.  Then carefully applied the decal over top.  The new one looks like brushed aluminum, but is really a brushed chromed Mylar with a protective laminate over top that is scratch resistant, and adds UV protection.


My placards won't stick?  If you have used a UV protectant on the plastic - remove it with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol in the area that the placard will be placed.  Also with new plastic it is a good idea to use isopropyl alcohol in the area that the placard will be placed, as wax, invisible, may be present from when the part was pulled from the mold.  Then apply the placard. As a last resort - Use 3M 77 Spray adhesive on the back the decal - this will guarantee good adhesion.


I need some custom placards; if I sent a picture what format can I send them to you?  E-mail a MS Word document, or windows bit map (BMP) or jpeg file or and EPS file.  Anything compatible with a PC - not MAC.