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Interior Placard Kits


201B Cherokee 140-180


These placards are digitally printed, laminated with Lexan and computer cut. The ink will not scratch off like the competitors - in fact you will not be able to put a scratch on them unless you use a sharp knife.


Most placards are printed on brushed chrome Mylar and looks like brushed aluminum a few kits are printed on white vinyl. Color is based on model year.


Order here online catalog.


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Exterior Placards




Thermally printed on white vinyl with a Tedlar overlaminate. These are fuel resistant and guard against fading.


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Custom Breaker Panel Overlays




Before and After - click to view the difference


As shown above, these are made-to-order overlays that go overtop of the existing panel. Includes circuit beaker decals too.


A Lexan laminate is used so making them virtually scratch and abrasion proof.


Older Cherokee style panel overlays are availalble. Email for details.


To order: make a list numbered 1-13 or 14 for Top Row, and bottom row and email it to:


Use these forms to help - just cut and paste them into your email - (html must be selected).


You will get a proof back with updates. It will be processed only after your approval. Just order here online catalog part 601.



Visor Power Settings Charts


Lance Visor


Now available! Check the 800 series product line for your model.

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